The unprecedented convergence of the physical and digital worlds and their profound impact on the entertainment landscape is redefining what makes a brand a kid “must have” and a parent “I’ll pay for that”. Our Market Research Track on April 26 will offer an in-depth look at the exploding connected youth market and help you identify trends and strategies to position your business for success.

Our Market Research Experts:

While the growth of digital play has companies partnering across business sectors with new-found ingenuity to keep pace, Nic Mitham, Founder and CEO, KZero Worldswide SA advises companies on the digital forefront expand their thinking to incorporate the physical world. “It’s no longer sufficient just to have a virtual world. From launch, companies need to consider the integration of additional channels such as mobile and licensing,” says Mitham. “The virtual worlds growing the fastest are the ones with offline presence.”

Market Research Track Sessions:


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