Conference Chairs

Digital Kids 2012 is chaired by these top digital kids and online youth experts.


Izzy Neis, Vice President of User Engagement, Fight My Monster
Izzy Neis is a published author, a leading voice in the online safety movement for youth, a professional blogger on social media at, and has spent the last few years helping brands build community and super engagement online. Izzy has worked with children for over 15 years, and has held positions in education, marketing, user design, game design, brand management, online safety and privacy, and writing for both cartoons and books.  [more]


Joi Podgorny, Director of Community Engagement, Smart Bomb Interactive
My professional experience is a patchwork of seemingly disparate projects, that when seen comprehensively create an impressive quilt of new media business expertise.  I am an Online Media Professional specializing in online community and children’s marketing, specifically the under-13-year-old demographics.  [more]


Regine Weiner, Vice President of Professional Services, Metaverse Mod Squad
Regine specializes in consulting and management projects for launching, monetizing, and servicing online products and games. Her unique expertise comes from a decade of success in the game industry, where she has focused on bringing new products online through the use of proper strategies, toolsets, analytics and leveraging great customer support and moderation teams. Her career began on I-Sun’s Virtual Student Union and has included positions with the VR Studio at Disney, Cartoon Network, Gazillion Entertainment, and most recently, as the Director of Operations for Nickelodeon Kids and Family Virtual Worlds. She is a frequent panelist at game industry events and resides in Los Angeles. She received a B.A. from Temple University in Film and Media Arts.