Izzy Neis, Vice President of User Engagement, Everloop

Izzy Neis is a published author, a leading voice in the online safety movement for youth, a professional blogger on social media at izzyneis.com, and has spent the last few years helping brands build community and super engagement online.

Izzy has worked with children for over 15 years, and has held positions in education, marketing, user design, game design, brand management, online safety and privacy, and writing for both cartoons and books.

Aside from co-creating Creativity Robot (a youth-centric social media consultancy), Izzy is the Vice President of User Engagement at Everloop, a social network for youth that incorporates social learning (curiosity) and safe online interactivity. In the past, Izzy was the Director of User Engagement of Gazillion Entertainment. At Gazillion, she developed community initiatives, legal and safety policy,  built departments of well-trained moderation and customer service staff, and developed, implemented, and managed a variety of social media strategies for multiple games and brands.  Prior to Gazillion, Izzy was the Sr. Community Manager for Six Degrees Games, a sports-brand virtual world company in Marina Del Rey, California, and the User Engagement Manager at Star Farm Productions, a children’s transmedia entertainment company.