• Company: Smart Bomb Interactive
  • Title: President and CEO


Clark Stacey is the President and CEO of Smart Bomb Interactive, a videogame development studio based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In October 2010, his company launched National Geographic Animal Jam, the online virtual world for kids who love animals and the natural world. With millions of kids worldwide now playing in the world of Jamaa, Smart Bomb is preparing to launch extensions of the Animal Jam experience in mobile games and consumer products. Smart Bomb is also known for the forthcoming Sky Legends, a radical browser-based flight combat MMO.

Clark was pursuing an academic career when his passion for blowing things up drew him to videogames in 1995. He began his career in interactive entertainment with Beyond Games, where he contributed to the design and development of successful titles across a variety of platforms — all of which centered around blowing things up.

Before co-founding Smart Bomb in 2003, Clark was the CEO of Cobalt Interactive, a pioneering studio in interactive marketing and advergaming, whose clients included St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Quaker Oats

Clark grew up in a town called Ogden, where animals can still talk. He graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in English literature and philosophy, and is now evidently doing what one does with those qualifications.



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