Jennifer Puckett is Production Manager, USA, for the social media management agency eModeration ( She oversees the US Moderation team whilst continuing to support online kid and user safety initiatives, training and education. She has 13 years’ experience in managing online communities, and is a firm believer in providing knowledge and empowering digital citizens of all ages in order to make the use of social media a truly enjoyable experience.

Jennifer has worked to improve the online experiences of children, teens and parents worldwide – most notably working with the Disney Internet Group, SmartBomb Interactive and Sulake, Inc.; ensuring each player is not only having a great time, but also learning proper online behavior.

While at Disney, Jennifer served as the Senior Manager, Community Policy for Disney Online Studios, creating policies and procedures to ensure the Disney philosophy on moderation and safety were effectively translated and implemented. As a member of the Disney Safety Group, Jennifer worked with both Public Relations and Legal representatives to ensure all Disney Interactive guests received a well-rounded understanding of online safety.



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