Margaret Wallace is an entrepreneur focusing on the gaming, tech and media sectors.

Margaret is Founder/ CEO of Playmatics (, a company dedicated to bringing rich games and applications to the Internet, in social media networks, and on a variety of connected gaming & transmedia platforms. Located in the heart of Chelsea, Manhattan, Playmatics focuses both on branded and original IP.

In April 2011, she also became CEO of Shadow Government, Inc., an angel-funded social mobile gaming company, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland and New York City, NY.

Prior to forming Playmatics, Margaret was Founder/CEO of Rebel Monkey, a venture-backed company focused on creating a free-to-play cooperative game world and community platform utilizing virtual goods and micro-transactions. Before Rebel Monkey, Margaret was a founding member and CEO of Skunk Studios in San Francisco, CA, one of the first-ever casual game companies and game portals (

Margaret also spent time at, PF.Magic (Dogz/Catz), Mattel and Mindscape and has worked on numerous brands, licensed products, gaming portals and original IP. She also worked with AMCTV, A&E Television Networks (AETN) Game Division, which includes Lifetime Television, The History Channel, A&E, and The Biography Channel on brand, business, portal and online/social media strategy.

Margaret is on the advisory board of the annual Casual Connect Conference in Seattle and a frequent speaker on the topics of gaming, gamification, entrepreneurship and transmedia. She is also an adviser to YetiZen, a gaming incubator organization located in San Francisco, CA. She also advises the social gaming start-up, RealLifePlus, also based in San Francisco, CA

Margaret holds an MA and BS in Communication from the University of Massachusetts/Amherst and Boston University, respectively. She is a State Department Alumni, having participated in the Congress-Bundestag Exchange Program to Germany in the first year of its inception.




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