The founder and president of M2 Research, Wanda Meloni is an industry analyst and market strategist. Wanda has a deep understanding of emerging trends in interactive entertainment, games, and social media. She has been tracking entertainment, development tools, 3D and graphics technologies, and emerging markets and trends for over 15 years.

Wanda publishes articles and reports that on the market dynamics affecting development and consumer trends. In addition to her published works, she consults with many of the top companies in the industry, providing custom analysis, investment strategies, strategic positioning and competitive analysis. Prior to starting M2 Research, Wanda was president at DFC Intelligence, working with interactive game clients and custom projects. Early in her career Wanda was a senior analyst at Jon Peddie Research tracking 3D gaming, animation, virtual worlds, 3D web applications, CAD, visual simulation, and enterprise graphics solutions.

Ms. Meloni holds an MBA in International Business and speaks several languages. She is a frequent contributor for some of the industry’s top publications and speaks at various trade events. Wanda has been quoted in numerous publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, USA Today, Fortune, London Times, New York Times, SF Chronicle and LA Times.


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